Jun 7 • 24M

AI Burgers: McDonald's Goes Digital

Working towards a more personalized burger experience.

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The business of burgers.
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What does artificial intelligence have to do with burgers? As we’re learning at Hamburger Business Review, there is nothing that McDonald’s doesn’t touch, including AI. Following their ambitious Velocity Growth Plan McDonald’s acquired Dynamic Yield in 2019 as part of a strategy to use big data for more personalization. The digitization of McDonald’s has been in the works for years, and is incorporated at every level, from the store and drive-thru remodels to the focus on the app and delivery services.

In this episode we look at the 2020 case study McDonald's: Can A Behemoth Lead in the Era of Artificial Intelligence? by Fabrizio Di Muro of the University of Winnipeg.

AI-generated burger image.

Coming Up Next:

Next episode we’re looking at the ill-fated McDonald’s hotel launch. And after that we will review the social media strategy for selling more burgers. For our final episode of the season we’ll take a look at everything Chris Kempczinski inherited as the newly appointed CEO.

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